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Commercial Relocation Markets Served

“Nice job ladies and gentlemen. Now that our project is complete, I just want to take the time out to thank you and everyone involved in the project. This was a big task and from the movers to everyone….a big THANK YOU for all your hard work, quick response times and keeping everything on track, despite a hurricane and other obstacles. We love our new space and truly appreciate all of the hardwork and good partnership that went into completing the project.” – Senior Manager at Major Bank
“FYI….we have the lowest storage costs across the Northeast area….they like that.” – Major Telecommunications staffer
Your high value, sensitive equipment is in safe hands with our highly experienced crews.

Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry relocations involve a wide array of items and equipment, requiring the type of personalized service and expertise that customers have come to expect from T&N Van Service.  We have substantial experience serving many customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  In fact, it’s one of our specialties.  We serve both administrative offices and R&D facilities.

Services provided by T&N include:

  • Lab services including prep and moving of sensitive, specialized, and fragile equipment
    • Handling/rigging of large or heavy specialized machinery
    • IT equipment services including disconnect and reconnect of workstation computers
    • Administrative office relocations including all types of furniture and equipment
    • Packing/ unpacking files and moving of all types of related equipment
    • Project support services

Pharma/Biotech Administrative Offices

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies create some of the most cutting edge solutions to medical problems every day. When relocating, keeping your employees working is vital. T&N Van Service provides relocation solutions to keep people on the job daily. For your administrative offices, we offer staff relocation services that include box and file packing and relocation, IT/electronic equipment disconnect and reconnect, and office and systems furniture deinstallation and reinstallation. We also offer storage services in our warehouse facility. Should your relocation or renovation require new furniture or other equipment, we offer receiving, inside delivery and setup services. For more information, contact us today.

Pharma/Biotech Manufacturing and R&D Operations

Your manufacturing center is the heart of your company. As such, it needs to be treated with the highest level of service; the level of service that T&N can provide. We have extensive experience conducting moving services in manufacturing facilities and handling large, specialized equipment. For your manufacturing center, we can provide deinstallation and reinstallation services, rigging, as well as cleanouts and decommissions. With our waste hauler’s license, we are able to haul away your old or surplus equipment and dispose of it.
While manufacturing is today, R&D operations provide the future. With the vast array of R&D operations in our region, T&N has extensive experience with all facets of R&D operations, including laboratories, which is one of our specialties.
For more information about our manufacturing operations services, contact us today.

Commercial Relocations

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